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2021 Committees Descriptions

These committees descriptions will help you determine the area you would like to volunteer. Please note, committees may be filled by time of registration.


Assist with greeting and scanning tickets as spectators and volunteers enter the grounds. This position will provide information and assistance to spectators for the tournament as well as manage and operate the Will Call procedures. Needed Thursday-Sunday.
CADDIE SUPPORT: Assist with professional caddie registration, maintain caddie lounge area and act as a concierge for the caddies.  Distribute and collect caddie bibs and towels daily.

Committee Days: Thursday - Sunday.


Assist with professional caddie registration, maintain caddie lounge area, and act as concierge for the caddies. Distribute and collect caddie bibs daily. 

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Oversee the distribution and maintenance of golf carts. Volunteers will sign in and sign out golf carts to authorized personnel and be responsible for charging all carts at the end of each day. Requires early mornings and late nights. Please note: you must be 18 years of age with a valid drivers license to operate a golf cart. 

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Serve as a concierge for all corporate sponsors in tents and sponsors. These volunteers will assist security to ensure only properly credentialed guests are allowed access in the designated areas.

Committee Days: Friday - Sunday.  


Volunteers will be responsible for the replenishment of on-course refreshments (beverages, snacks, fruit, etc.) for PGA TOUR Champions professionals and other key tournament personal. Physical work/heavy lifting require.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Team will be stationed at designated areas throughout the main concession areas and the course to provide guidance to guests on the proper receptacles for their waste also to help improve education and awareness, decrease recycling contamination, and reduce sorting efforts needed at the back-of-house by assisting guests at disposal stations.

Needed: Monday - Sunday. 



Measure the professional’s drives from tee to fairway on course. Training is required and space is limited.

Committee Days: Friday - Sunday.

Marshals are assigned to a hole and have the unique opportunity of being inside the ropes. They provide gallery control, assist in player movement and help locate errant golf shots. Volunteers should know the surrounding area of their assigned hole and provide spectators with general information as needed.

Committe Days: Friday - Sunday.


Register PGA TOUR Champions players and assist with their needs and questions during tournament week. Serve as a concierge for players and families in hospitality area. Limited spots available.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Staff and maintain practice facilities check points for tournament players, officials, and credentialed individuals only.  Main responsibility is to ensure that only credentialed individuals are allowed on driving range. Assist with clinics or other events held on the driving range.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Assist with registration and gift distribution for amateurs playing in Pro-Am events.

Committee Days: Monday - Thursday.


See Marshal committee description. Volunteers on this committee could be asked to work on a different hole each day. Must be able to stand for long periods of time.

Committee Days: Wednesday - Sunday.


Volunteers will be responsible for operating manual scoreboards throughout the course and for communicating scores with the scoring command center.

Committee Days: Friday - Sunday.


Volunteers will responsible for transporting PGA TOUR Champions players, pro-am contestants and volunteers along predetermined routes on-course. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older with a valid drivers license.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Accompany PGA TOUR Champions professionals by carrying a walking standard, displaying the players names and scores. Must be able to carry a sign (approximately 15 pounds) and walk all 18 holes. There will be a mandatory meeting to attend the weekend prior to the tournament.

Committee Days: Friday - Sunday.


Assist tournament staff prior with general administration duties including answering phones, managing shipping and receiving at the tournament office, making photo copies and other miscellaneous administrative duties.

Committee Days: before tournament and Monday - Sunday of Tournament week.


Provide tournament cars to the PGA TOUR Champions professionals and escort the professionals and/or their families when the need arises. Volunteers may also be asked to shuttle other tournament guests. Must be willing to work early mornings or late nights.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Volunteers will work in coordination with the Golf Channel production team. Responsibilities included but are not limited to the reporting of noteworthy shots and reporting scores while utilizing the Golf Channel’s radio system. There will be a mandatory training session scheduled directly by the committee chair. 

Committee Days: Friday – Sunday.


Assist with inventory, assembly and distribution of volunteer uniform packages prior to tournament week. Oversee and manage the volunteer headquarters during tournament week. Duties to include but are not limited to; answering volunteer questions, handout lunch vouchers and volunteer lunches, and maintain a clean volunteer headquarters.

Committee Days: Monday - Sunday.


Record statistics and scores for players on a hand-held device as part of the PGA TOUR Champions Shotlink system. Volunteers will be assigned to walk with a group for all 18 holes. Volunteers must have knowledge of golf scoring and etiquette. Mandatory training required.

Committee Days: Wednesday - Sunday.


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