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2021 Committees Descriptions

These committees descriptions will help you determine the area you would like to volunteer. Please note, committees may be filled by time of registration.

Register and support PGA TOUR Champions caddies. Volunteer responsibilities also include maintaining, issuing, and retrieving caddie vests, caddie towel distribution, and maintaining caddie lounge.

Committee Days: Monday–Sunday.


Early morning and late evening volunteers are needed for peak cart pick-up and return times. Throughout the day, volunteers are needed at distribution sites to address inventory and maintenance concerns. Tasks include retrieving carts, plugging in for charging, and cleaning when necessary. All Cart Committee members must carry a valid driver’s license during shifts worked and complete the Cart Safety Training Video.

Committee Days: Monday–Sunday.


Volunteers will be assigned to one of the Hospitality Venues throughout the golf course. It is your objective to maintain continuity and great customer service for all guests. Responsibilities include illustrating a positive, knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful attitude and behavior as well as monitoring access points to designated Hospitality Venues, ensuring that only patrons with the proper credentials/tickets are admitted into each specific venue, and acting as a concierge for the assigned sponsor area. Volunteers may be required to stand at their assigned areas throughout their shift. Stools will be provided for rest when patrons are not entering or exiting the venue. The tournament would welcome and appreciate ambassadors to work 3 full days for continuity.

Committee Days: Friday-Sunday.


Volunteers are responsible for keeping on-course refreshments (water, beverages, snacks, fruit, etc.) stocked and replenished on course for PGA TOUR Champions professionals, PGA TOUR officials, and volunteers. Key areas include starter tents, player relief tents, and the driving range. Before, during, and after play volunteers are needed to deliver refreshments throughout the course and to designated areas. Physical work/heavy lifting required.

Committee Days: Monday–Sunday.



This team is responsible for recording and measuring players’ drives from tee-box to fairway by using the PGA TOUR Champions ShotLink Scoring System. All Long Drive Committee members must complete the ShotLink System Training Modules.

Committee Days: Friday–Sunday. Full day shifts only. Must be available all 3 tournament days.



Marshals are the largest group of volunteers. This committee works on-course and in high traffic areas to procure the safety and safe play of PGA TOUR Champions professionals and manage gallery or noise control. Marshals are stationed at the following areas: tee-box, landing areas, crossing points, greens, and Corporate or Hospital Venues. Key responsibilities include the following but are not subject to:

  • Spotting balls in the fairway
  • Watching for errant shots
  • Providing gallery control
  • Keeping play moving smoothly
  • Assisting patrons with information

Knowledge of golf is encouraged. High priority days include Tournament Days, Friday through Sunday. The application form allows you to select specific holes (1–18), our Marshal Rover Pool which includes Rovers and Fore Marshals, or Clubhouse/Putting Green (maintain walkways between Clubhouse and Putting Green) Committee Days: Friday–Sunday.


Volunteers will be headquartered out of the Tournament Office and will assist the Volunteer Coordinator with various tasks from leading the on-site Volunteer Uniform and Credential pick-up to helping WHEREVER is needed to ensure a successful tournament. This is for someone who wants to experience a variety of different tasks and can multitask. It is essential these volunteers demonstrate a friendly attitude and flexibility with assignment or location.

Committee Days: Monday–Sunday. (Indoor/Outdoor).



Volunteers assist Tournament staff with Pro-Am registration and gift distribution. Volunteers also provide other various support functions on Pro-Am days. Such responsibilities include but are not limited to tee-time assistance, first tee activities, photo support, or awards presentation.

Committee Days: Monday–Thursday. (Indoor/Outdoor).


Volunteers will manually operate Scoreboards throughout the course and communicate scores to our radio command center. Additionally, there is a need for a few specialized functions throughout tournament week which are coordinated directly with the committee chair.

Committee Days: Friday–Sunday.


Volunteers will transport PGA TOUR Champions professionals and tournament volunteers along predetermined routes on-course. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. Committee Days: Friday–Sunday.


This team walks inside the ropes paired with a Walking Scorer alongside an assigned group for the entire 18 holes. It is the Standard Bearers objective to follow the group’s score and post it to a sign which you carry to show the gallery the individual player scores. The Standard Bearers Committee is viewed as one of the most prestigious and fun on the TOUR so wear a smile and get ready for a day of exercise. Volunteers must understand golf rules and etiquette and be physically able to handle walking 18 holes in varying weather while carrying your sign. Each assignment will last approximately 5 hours. There will be a training workshop session the weekend prior to the tournament. It is mandatory that any new member to the committee volunteer one day during the Pro-Am to re-enforce responsibilities and etiquette.

Committee Days: Friday–Sunday.


Volunteers assist the Golf Channel with essential production tasks through reporting noteworthy shots. Responsibilities include but are not limited to spotting shots and scores and utilizing Golf Channel radio system. There will be a mandatory training workshop session scheduled directly by the committee chair. Committee Days: Friday–Sunday.


Volunteers will help patrons with their tickets and issue tournament credentials. Volunteers will scan patron tickets to validate entry, help resolve ticket issues and purchase tickets, hand out complimentary tickets for PGA TOUR Champions Professionals, and assist PGA TOUR Champions Professionals and Caddies distribute tickets to family and friends. Volunteers need to be comfortable using Microsoft computer programs and with answering patron questions concerning directions, parking, tournament guidelines, and lost and found. Mandatory training for the ticket vendor program will be held the week prior to the tournament. Committee Days: Thursday–Sunday.


Volunteers will greet players, officials, and VIPS and assist them with their transportation needs to and from the airport, golf course, residence, etc. Drivers must be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. Committee Days: Saturday (prior to tournament)–Monday (after the tournament).



Volunteers will aid in the admission to and maintenance of Volunteer Headquarters. The Volunteer HQ Committee is tasked as a key liaison to the Volunteer Coordinator. Responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining inventory of volunteer uniforms, checking in volunteers, distributing volunteer meal vouchers, arranging breakfast and lunch, and maintaining a friendly upbeat environment. Committee Days: Monday–Sunday. (Indoor/Outdoor).


Walking Scorers will keep on-course statistics and scores on a handheld computer device and wear a headset that is connected to a voice radio. This information includes information which makes up the PGA TOUR Champions ShotLink System. Volunteers must understand golf rules and etiquette and be physically able to walk 18 holes in various weather conditions. There will be a mandatory training session the weekend prior to the tournament. Committee Days: Wednesday–Sunday.



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