Moabery Champions Challenge

A unique opportunity to raise funds for the Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Foundation through the excitement of the 2023 TimberTech Championship!


To increase the amount of net proceeds raised and donated to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation by challenging the local community to donate to support a fun tournament initiative that incorporates our 2023 champion.



TimberTech Championship will aim to sell 54 boxes at $1,000/box. Participants who donate $1,000 can “buy” a box of their choice (until all boxes are sold out). Each box coincides with a hole number (1-18) and a specific tournament round. The box number will be randomly selected on Sunday after tournament play and if your number is chosen, then you’ll win $10K in cash. As a bonus, if the 2023 champion birdies that hole in the corresponding round, then your winnings will be doubled.



If Carly selects box “Hole 3-Round 2”, then that box number is 21. On Sunday after play, the TimberTech Champion will randomly select a winner out of a hat. If the number 21 is chosen, then Carly will win $10K. If the 2023 TimberTech Champion birdies Hole 3 in Round 2, then Carly’s prize money will be doubled.


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